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Every client’s financial goals, situation and personal investment preferences are unique. As your Financial Advisor, my most important job is to truly understand who you are and what you want your assets to accomplish for you.

Baird provides access to a broad pool of research, resources and planning expertise from which I can draw when designing customized solutions based on my knowledge of your specific needs in these areas.

Investment Management

Once we have identified the specific goals you want to achieve with your wealth, the next step is to build a sound, proactive investment strategy to help make those goals a reality. With a deep understanding of what’s important to you and a full range of investment options available, we can design a tailored investment portfolio that incorporates your values, time horizon and tolerance for risk. And you'll have peace of mind knowing that as your life and the market evolve over time, so will your portfolio.

Backed by Baird’s experts in equity and fixed income research, portfolio construction, asset manager research and more, we will set up, implement and monitor a portfolio strategy designed to keep you on track toward your goals. With guidance and insight, you would be able to stay as hands-on – or hands-off – as you like, giving you complete confidence that you’re on the path to a more secure future.

You can be confident that no matter what the market is doing, we're watching out for your financial priorities.

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Financial Planning

Through financial planning, we are able to help fulfill the wide-ranging needs and goals of our clients. Through our ongoing and collaborative relationship, we can help you:

  • Determine what you want your wealth to accomplish for yourself and the people closest to you
  • Identify and address head-on the risks that could jeopardize those financial goals
  • Map out and implement planning strategies based on both our own expertise plus the specialized knowledge of in-house experts in retirement, estate planning and more
  • Grow and preserve the investments funding these plans
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Tax Planning

Making the most out of your money starts with recognizing all the ways taxes can impact your financial future. Whether you’re focused on your own retirement, a loved one’s education or the best way to pass on your wealth to your heirs, any sound, forward-looking plan to maximize your wealth needs to take into account taxes' bite.

Just as the rise and fall of interest rates can ripple throughout your investment and wealth management plans, so too can changes in tax policy. We are trained and experienced in crafting wealth management strategies that plan for its impact, keeping you on track with your broader vision.

We can help you anticipate the impact of taxes in all areas of your life.

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For a lot of people, buying insurance is set-it-and-forget-it: They take out a policy, tuck it in a drawer somewhere and go about their day. Unfortunately, without regular reviews, one of two things tends to happen – people become overinsured because they’re working with multiple agents who do not have the full picture or who are compensated for how much insurance they sell, or underinsured because as their lives evolve their existing coverage stops fitting their needs.

Your wealth management plans should determine what insurance coverage is right for you. Our goal is to align your coverage with your current situation and your plans for the future – so you can rest assured the people and things you care about most are protected.

The Duffy Group can help you make sure your insurance coverage is in step with your current needs and your broader vision for the future.

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Estate Planning Services

Estate planning is more than completing a living will and filing documents with your attorney. It’s ensuring that the legacy you’ve created helps the people and organizations closest to you reach their dreams even after you’re gone.

A thoughtful estate plan lets you pass on your assets the way you want, maximizing the financial benefit to your heirs and providing comfort during a difficult time in their lives. And The Duffy Group has the expertise to make sure your estate plan is working in sync with your larger wealth management plans by helping you:

  • Give directly to people and causes that mean the most to you
  • Designate someone to make decisions on your behalf in the event you can’t do so yourself
  • Maximize your gifts’ benefit and tax efficiency
  • Establish trusts without sacrificing flexibility if your circumstances change
  • Set up charitable and family foundations
  • Ensure that as your life changes, your estate plan stays up-to-date

We can help make sure your estate plan matches your wishes and ensures your legacy.

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Planning for Retirement

You work hard throughout your career so you can enjoy the next chapter in your life. We have the investment and planning expertise to help you plan for and live out the retirement you’ve imagined – leaving you free to focus on and enjoy more important things.

With expertise in both investment management and retirement planning, The Duffy Group can map out what your dream retirement can look like by helping you:

  • Make realistic projections on your retirement income and expenses
  • Balance your retirement saving with the many other financial priorities in your life
  • Make sure your investment portfolio is robust enough for your retirement needs while managing for risk
  • Maximize your Social Security and Medicare benefits
  • Anticipate your healthcare and long-term care needs
  • Identify your priorities in estate planning and establishing all the documentation needed to execute them
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Charitable Giving Strategies

We want to help you support your favorite charities thoughtfully, in a way that maximizes your gift’s impact, takes advantage of tax benefits and complements your broader wealth management plans.

The Duffy Group can help make sure you’re benefitting from the most current giving strategies and guidance to help you:

  • Give to the causes that mean the most to you
  • Maximize any tax benefits from your gift
  • Donate non-cash assets, including stock or real estate
  • Set up trusts, foundations and more
  • Create a legacy through planned giving
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Alternative Investments

At Baird, we have an Alternative Investments platform that provides access to traditional markets (i.e. stocks and bonds) through non-conventional vehicles or access to non-traditional markets. Many of these strategies exhibit low correlation to the stock and/or bond markets meaning returns may be independent from other parts of a portfolio. This type of performance can enhance diversification, and therefore reduce overall portfolio risk. 

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At its core, wealth management is about more than getting from Point A to Point B. When done well, it’s about making that journey in the way that’s right for you – and that means exploring all your available options. Baird’s Liquidity Solutions are designed to give you the flexibility to address your financial needs.

For many investors, an unexpected need for cash would necessitate selling stock – which could result in the possibility of selling in a down market. It could also incur opportunity costs, withdrawing funds that could otherwise be used for a college education, retirement or simply wealth accumulation. Baird’s liquidity services could give qualified investors much-needed financial flexibility, letting them access cash or credit without having to make changes to their portfolio.

We can help you explore how Liquidity Solutions can give you more choices in your own life and help make sure your money is working for you.

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Business Owner Solutions

At Baird, we have a team of experts, called Business Owner Solutions, to support our business owner clients. In partnership with them, we can offer a basic assessment of transition and business valuation factors that provide our clients with a clearer understanding of their personal financial statements and various exist options for the business. We can also help integrate our clients’ business plans with their personal wealth management plans.

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Savings for Higher Education

With more students graduating from college with thousands of dollars in student loan debt, funding an education can be one of the most impactful investments you can make. No matter how much time you have before the first tuition payment is due, we can help you plan for funding education in a way that makes the most sense for you and your family.

Through a time-tested planning process, The Duffy Group can help you understand all the variables at play and create an education plan that mirrors your values:

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Identity Theft & Protection

Identity theft can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Criminals don’t discriminate against their victims on the basis of age, education, wealth level, location, or anything else.

Baird’s identity protection should be an important part of everyone’s financial plan. It’s another way we can help protect what you have worked so hard to build.

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